Tony Robbins 911 Full video

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See The Tony Robbins 911 Full Video to discover how to -

Negotiate conflict: Leadership In Times of Crisis
























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  • MetaLead

    Beyond that, it was fascinating to see how a peoplemaster such as tony can create that space and realization in those people. A leader that creates leaders in a single weekend. I don’t know much about him but I hope he has seminars that teach people how to be the leader that inspires in others the leadership that Assad and Bernie both discovered in themselves. I not only want I be Bernie and Assad, I want to inspire Bernie and Assad.

  • tcgb

    good film but why is this woman needed to narrate, her voice is so disturbing

  • Kerry Bray

    At his best I ever seen here!

  • Margarita Slavkova

    My life has changed forever!!! THANK YOU!

    • dreamingson

      No problems