Let Your Tigers Be Gone

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“Let your tigers be gone.” This phrase has been a mantra for me lately. The idea comes from the book called “dialogue on awakening” by Tom Carpenter.  This phrase was used in the context of having a night time dream where you are being chased by a tiger, then at some point while you a running you realize you are dreaming and you turn around and the tiger is gone because it is no longer in your thoughts – you let your tiger be gone. The term tiger for me represents anything I am running away from and fear occurring in my experience.

tiger 2 272x300 Let Your Tigers Be GoneThe premise of A course in miracles is that everything we experience from birth to the grave and beyond is simply a projection of our own minds. This is why it likens our experience we have in our day to day living as a dream, because dreams are totally of our own doing – there is no other influencing force.

And since the outer manifestations in our dreams are projections our inner thoughts then the way to change the experiences we are having is to hold different thoughts in our mind. The simply fact is that nothing in your life – be that what you believe as good or bad can happen unless it is first held within the mind. And since there is no external force that influences our experience in any way if we accept the teachings of ACIM then by changing the cause (mind) the effect (world) must change. If that wasn’t the case then we would be victims to something other that our own thoughts and anger would be justified to this “other” influencing factor.

Like all other teachings that are meant for salvation and healing this awareness that what we experience is a manifestation of our own minds can lead the ego to use it as evidence that we are not as God created us. However when the true understanding that comes with the awareness that we only experience what we first make real within is understood then it is truly liberating. If a negative experience is occurring that I no longer desire to have then it is as simple as just letting go of the thoughts that are producing it. No longer attaching any judgments to myself your manifesting the situation, which is just an ego ploy to maintain the situation. All I now need to do is “choose again” because I no longer value what the negative experiences were bringing me. And the experience is always the same thing – I exist as a separated being, but I am not responsible for “sin” of separation and am therefore justified in attacking the one who is.

This brings this post full circle – now during my waking dream I simply let my tigers to be gone. I release mind patterns that no longer serve me in feeling peaceful, since peace is the state in which the true self is remembered. The knowledge that the only way to change the outer play (the dream) is to change the inner script (thoughts) is kept in awareness when ever I repeat to myself – “Let your tigers be gone.”

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