The Swish Pattern – How To Change Beliefs Fast !

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0 The Swish Pattern   How To Change Beliefs Fast !



Screen Shot 2012 09 19 at 10.15.04 AM 297x300 The Swish Pattern   How To Change Beliefs Fast !Today we are going to explore a popular NLP technique called the swish pattern. The swish pattern is a very simple technique to perform, yet it produces powerful results.

What does the Swish Pattern do?

In essence what the swish pattern does is it uses an old unresourceful pattern you run internally as a trigger to produce an more empowering pattern. A pattern that is better aligned to the goals you want to reach.

This means that whenever the mind produces a negative pattern it will automatically switch over to a positive pattern as long as you have associated the two together using the swish pattern.

The way we run patterns in our minds is through the process of thinking. More specifically the modalities of thinking which most influenced our moods and perceptions are the internal pictures and auditory sounds we make in our minds.

When we play negative images and sounds over and over in our minds they restrict us in the areas of life that they represent. Therefore it is important we find ways to quickly run patterns that are life enhancing because as the saying goes - ”what you focus on you get more of.”

The ultimate benefit of using the swish pattern is it keeps you focusing on what you do want and therefore manifest it in your life. Also it is a simple but effective method that will run on autopilot once you have installed it.

The 5 step  Swish pattern

Step 1) Choose an aspect of your life you want to change or that you have trouble in. It maybe a behavior, a life situation or troubling belief. It can be anything as long as it can be made into a mental image that represents it. See these images from the 3rd person perspective – just like you would watch them at the movies.

Step 2)  Create the mental picture of the negative thing you want to change in your minds eye. If it is a behavior you want to change then create a still image in your mind that represents you performing that negative behavior. If nose picking is your downfall then a good image would be seeing yourself with a finger up your nose.

The same goes if it is a life situation. For example if it is your job then picture yourself at work. If it is a negative belief then get the belief down to a single word that most represents it. Then write the word in your minds eye. For example the belief ”I always make mistakes” becomes “failure.”

Step 3) Create the empowering internal representation that we want to have instead. In the above examples you could pictureIMG 0596 300x225 The Swish Pattern   How To Change Beliefs Fast ! your smiling face without the finger in it if you wanted to stop the nose picking behavior. You could picture yourself traveling, checking out the coolest destinations instead of at work. To change a negative belief think of one word that encapsulates the belief you now want. The word successful would be a good one to change to from failure.

Step 4) Swishing the picture – Now picture the original image you want to change in your minds eye. Next put the image you want to change it to in the bottom right hand corner of the original image so it is just a thumb nail. Now as fast as you can grow the new image so it expands to explode the old image out of the way.

Step 5) Repeat – The key to success in getting the swish pattern working automatically is to repeat it for at least 5 times when you do it. This sends a clear message to your brain – when you think of this (unresourceful image) do that (think of the empowering image).

Screen Shot 2012 09 19 at 10.34.28 AM The Swish Pattern   How To Change Beliefs Fast !This Swish pattern is just one way to change beliefs. If you want to discover the beliefs that are driving you and how to change them then I invite you to click the link below to get my free gift to you – The Busting and Building Beliefs ebook.




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