The Power of Having A Belief In Something

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0 The Power of Having A Belief In Something



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Do you know how Adolf Hitler got such an unshakable belief in himself that it fueled his path to power and world to the brink of destruction?

In this post you are going to learn the awesome power of belief and how you can utilize the psychology of belief to transform your life.

First of all to is important to define the term belief so we both understand what the term “belief” actually means. In Kerry Spackman’s book – the ant and the Ferrari he defines the term belief into one of two categories.

The first category for belief is:

Having a belief in something 

and the second category is for belief is that:

it a set of ideas you think of as true.

This post will deal with the “having the belief in something” category.

Firstly we are going to define exactly what “having belief in something” means. Before going onto explore how these type of beliefs form. This post will finish by sharing a little known incident from Adolf Hitlers life, that sent his life in a completely different direction and consequently also the worlds. This little known tale fully exhibits the true power of belief.

Now lets begin by defining the “belief in something” category of beliefs.

Having a belief in something corresponds to having confidence in something, and if you have supreme confidence in the thing you believe in, then it becomes an unshakable belief.

The most important thing about having an unshakable belief in something is that it is the driving force that will keep you going even if you results and experiences don’t coincide with the strength of your belief.

If you truly believe that an outcome is inevitable then any failure just becomes a signal to try harder.

Having such faith in something invokes the self fulling prophecy for two reasons.


the more persistent you are at something the better you become at that action.


the more attempts you have at an activity the greater the chance there is at succeeding at that activity.

For these two reasons your chances of success increase due to having an unshakable belief in something.

Interesting, having such belief in something is the determining factor in the perseverance, but it is perseverance itself that is the causal factor of success.

Their are countless things that people put their faith everyday because they believe their belief in an object promises in someway to enhance or protect their life in some way.

The object of belief varies throughout history and from place to place. The belief is often an:

  • idea,
  • an object
  • or even themselves.

The most interesting thing about belief is that there is rarely any evidence that the thing
that is believed in has any real power to provide a benefit to the believer at all.

Kerry spaceman’s uses this diagram to display the feedback loop of belief and success


Screen Shot 2012 10 02 at 12.05.17 PM 300x126 The Power of Having A Belief In Something


So how do these beliefs form in the first place ?

There are many ways these these type beliefs form, but one of the most prevalent ways is through superstitious thinking.

A study In 1948 by a man named B.F Skinner that involved pigeons gives us an insight into how this category of belief form through superstitious thinking.

Skinner’s experiment involved placing pigeons in glass boxes. These boxes delivered food to the pigeon every 15 seconds through feeders which were attached to the boxes. Interestingly, the scientist observed the pigeons developing some interesting behaviors. Depending on the what action the pigeon was performing when the first food was given to the pigeon, this action became the basis for their future behavior. That is to say that even though food was fed to the pigeons every 15 seconds independently of their behavior, the pigeons still believed their actions influenced the food delivery in some way.

Some of the superstitious behaviors these birds developed were bobbing their heads, pecking in corners and walking around in circles.

If you think these superstitious behaviors are unique to the animal kingdom then you would be wrong, because further studies using humans as the subjects also resulted in similar superstitious rituals around receiving a reward.

In fact it only takes one or two times for an object to be present when a desired outcome is received for the linking of the object to the positive result to take place.

This phenomena explains how a basketballer’s new pair of undies coinciding with a career high points haul become his lucky undies, why a student uses the same pen every exam because the first time she used it they got top marks in the class. Or even how a persons heartfelt prayer precedes receiving their desired outcome and thus becomes evidence of the existence of God.


Now lets turn to a little known story from Adolf Hitlers life that truly exhibits the power of belief. What Hitler learned to believe in is the most powerful thing you can believe in if you want to get the best results in your life - yourself!

At the time of WW1, Adolf was simply a solider on the front line, fighting for Germany with no authority or even leadership potential.

However after months of combat and inhospitable conditions, Hilters mental wellness started to deteriorate significantly. In todays terms be would have been described suffer from a nervous breakdown. The term used during the 1920′s though was shell shock.

Hysterical blindness was one of the more serve conditions associated with shell shock. This type of blindness is totally psychological, which means their has been no damage to the brain or eyes. And for a young Adolf, this is exactly what he was experiencing when he was admitted to the military reserves hospital. Attempting to coax Hitler out of his psychological illness, Dr Edmund Forster, the hospitals psychiatrist, planted an powerful belief in Hitlers mind.

Dr Forster told Hitler that he believed it was Hitlers destiny to save the German people, and that if he really focused his mind on this belief we would be able to see the chair in the corner of the room. After some concentrated effort the chair did in fact start to come into view, cementing the new unshakable belief in his mind. And as they say “The rest is history.”

Interestingly when Hitler came to power he ordered the execution of Dr Forster, in an attempt to suppress this chapter of his life.

If you take this lesson to heart, you can really see how important it is to have your beliefs in alignment to your goals.
In fact this is the number one reason why people can’t get to where they want in life. You may have your big goals all vision boarded up, your plan perfectly prepared with step by step instructions to follow, but if there is internal conflict in your mind between your goals and beliefs you will sabotage yourself every time.


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