Nitrofocus Review + Bonus – Increase your productivity with Brainwave entrainment

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In this post, I’m going to give you a quick review of Nitrofocus and show you how you can get free access to this course for seven days so you can increase your:

  • productivity
  • sharpen your focus,
  • get more done in less time.

I’ll even throw in my bonus when you decide to take Nitrofocus up on its free trial.

Nitrofocus is:

300X250 Nitrofocus Review + Bonus   Increase your productivity with Brainwave entrainmentA collection of Mp3′s that uses brainwave entrainment technology so you can access different states on demand. For those of you who don’t know what brain entrainment is, the word entrainment is borrowed from science and is also known as a frequency follow response.


To give you a quick example of how this operates, we can use tuning forks. We know when we hit one tuning fork and we bring a second one close to it, the second tuning fork will start to vibrate at the same frequency as the original one. The same happens with our brainwaves.

We can use external stimulus, and what Nitrofocus uses is audio, to be able to have certain frequencies that entrain the brain or make the brainwaves go on the same pattern as the external source.

 What Nitrofocus does is:

it uses audio to deliver frequencies of between 13 and 15 hertz. When this is brought close to the brain, it starts going into that same frequencies, which is associated with a low beta brainwave. Therefore, when you start listening to this, you will start experiencing those states of focus and concentration.

Isochronic tones

What makes Nitrofocus’s technology so effective is it uses the most powerful way to entrain the brain through audio and that is through isochronic tones. A way to explain what this is that if you had that 13 hertz that you wanted to have the brainwave at, this means that the audio has a tone that has turned on and off 13 times every second.

Binaural Beats

In the past, the only way to be able to do this was through binaural beats but now technology has advanced so that the precision can be turned on and off 13 times to be able to produce that brainwave pattern for the listener.

Brown Noise

On top of this, Nitrofocus also uses brown noise. Brown noise is normally associated with sounds from nature such as the waves crashing at the beach. It is scientifically proven that this brown noise allows the brain to be able to cut out any distraction, such as noises in the environment.

Nitrofocus Review

Therefore, with the isochronic tones putting you in the peak state for productivity and then the brown noise allowing the brain to be able to cut out distractions, you are going to be in the best possible state for productivity.

What i really like about Nitrofocus is its ability to repeatedly listen to the audio. Unlike other types of products, you might only be able to listen to the audio for one session a day. However, with Nitrofocus, you can listen to it all day long and keep in that peak state of productivity.

Getting started with the Nitrofocus FREE trial

Screen Shot 2013 08 31 at 11.39.45 AM 300x188 Nitrofocus Review + Bonus   Increase your productivity with Brainwave entrainmentNow I’m going to show you how you can get started straightaway with Nitrofocus’s seven day trial and when you do that by clicking on the link below, I’m also going to throw on my free bonus, which is a 83 page e-book based on the productivity ideas in David Allen’s smash hit book called “Getting Things Done.” 

You see, one of the weaknesses of Nitrofocus is that it doesn’t come with any supporting material on the psychology of productivity. You see, productivity is determined by the different strategies and habits that you form. Therefore, when you use my bonus along with Nitrofocus, you have both tools to be able to take your life to the next level.

The steps  

When you click the link below, you will be brought to this page. On this page, you can learn more about Nitrofocus and all about the technology and brainwave entrainment. When you scroll down the page, you’ll see how it clearly outlines how the free trial works.

728X90 Nitrofocus Review + Bonus   Increase your productivity with Brainwave entrainment

What you get with the Nitrofocus free trial

Screen Shot 2013 08 31 at 11.38.23 AM 300x167 Nitrofocus Review + Bonus   Increase your productivity with Brainwave entrainmentWhat you’ll get access to straightaway is the Nitrofocus classic Mp3. This is the Mp3 that will put you in a state of productivity and focus and concentration and you’ll also get the five minute break. This will put you in a deep state of relaxation because it is associated with the alpha brainwave through the brainwave entrainment.

How to cancel your Nitrofocus trial

If you decide to cancel your subscription within the first seven days, don’t worry. You’ll still get to keep both of these brainwave entrainment audios. However, if you decide to go past the seven day trial, you will unlock the next 10 brainwave entrainment mp3s and you’ll be billed $97 for those. You can learn more about the benefits of these mp3s through the user guide that you’ll get access to inside the membership.

Once registered you can get started straight away by clicking download for the Nitrofocus classic and for the five minute break. Also on this page, it shows you the other brainwave entrainment mp3s that will be unlocked if you stay on after your seven days. As I said, you can read more about them in the user guide, too.

Claiming your Nitrofocus  Bonus

Screen Shot 2013 09 07 at 2.00.36 PM 300x141 Nitrofocus Review + Bonus   Increase your productivity with Brainwave entrainmentAs I promised, when you get started for the free trial by clicking on the link below, I’m going to send you my bonus.

To get access to this, all you’ve got to do is keep an eye out for an email from SWREG and this will contain your order number.

All you have to do is send that number to me at and I will send you the bonus, so you have both the strategies and the brainwave for maximum productivity.




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