How to improve your life with Visualisation

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In this post you’re going to learn how you can live out the experiences you most desire through the powerful mind-training tool called Visualization.

Why should you use visualization to improve your life?

Well, there’s a quote that says,

“To change the outer play, you have to change in the inner script.”

improve your life with visualization 300x167 How to improve your life with Visualisation The inner script in this case is whatever we hold in our minds and the easiest way to discover what we hold in our minds is to just look at your life results because your life results will be a direct reflection of what’s in your mind. How these thoughts and beliefs got there is during our upbringing. This is the time of impression.

Depending on our family and our situation that we’re in, different ideas and beliefs are impressed on our consciousness and then life seems to reflect these back to us because we are vibrating at a certain frequency and then the world start to mirror this.

Much like a CD, when a CD is made it’s impressed with music and whatever songs are impressed on it that’s all the music it can play out. It can’t play a song by a different artist or a different song that’s not impressed on it.

Much like us, we can’t have experiences other than what we have impressed in our psyche with our thoughts and beliefs. Therefore if we want to live out new experiences we have to start implanting new ideas and impressing new beliefs so that can live out these new experiences and visualization is the quickest and easiest to both dissolve the old patterns and implant the new ones.

What is visualization?

It’s a mind training tool where you start creating the things that you would most like to live out in your mind. What you do is you go into a deeply relaxed state and then you bring up the things in your inner consciousness that you would most like to live out.

How do you visualize?

Well, it’s important first of all to be in a deeply relaxed state. Therefore you want to find somewhere comfy to sit and then you want to start going into meditation for about half an hour before you bring up the scene you most want to live out.

The scene should obviously be something that you can’t envision yourself doing in the present moment. Otherwise you’ll be doing it and it should be a stretch. You want to see it nice and clearly whatever that scene is that you most like to live out. See it from a third-party perspective – that is outside of it, much like you’re watching it in the cinema. Then play it over and over in your mind and then step into it and see it from a first-person’s perspective and go in through the emotions so you can encode it into your mind.

Now, I recommend that you do this at least once a week. Dedicate some time on the weekend if you have it available. Also utilize the time just before going to sleep and waking up because your mind will be very receptive to these new impressions.

What if you are finding it hard to visualize?

Don’t worry, this is to be expected. That is because the old patterns from the past are trying to sabotage your progress because these old patterns were built around safety and therefore by going against them they think that you’re going to be in danger. All you can do is keep going and keep impressing and slowly but surely those old patterns will start dissolving and the new patterns will start taking over. Just keep persisting with the practice and every time it will get easier.

Action steps.

1)    First of all choose an experience you’d most like to live out.

2)    Then create a mental movie for it.

3)    Then go into a deeply relaxed state then bring it up on your consciously and play it out and then keep repeating it over time.

4)    Make sure you’re doing it at least once a week in a deep meditated state.

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