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doctor presenting to nurses 400 clr 8474 300x206 How To Change Your Beliefs   Modeling Success In this post you will learn to fastest way to develop a new behavior or characteristic.

I mentioned in my busting and building beliefs ebook how “acting as if” is a great way to install new beliefs. If you haven’t got my complementary guide yet then I encourage you to click here to get a copy.

 To Act As If

To “act as if” means to act in a way as if you already posses the behavior or characteristic you desire. However to be able to do that you must know how people with the behaviors you want actually behave. One way to do this is through imagination, but in this video I will share with you the other way to do this which is a strategy called modeling.


Modeling occurs when we watch someone else and then begin to mimic their patterns of behavior and characteristics.

This is one of the most power ways you learnt what behaviors to display during your upbringing – unfortunately, this process was unconscious during this period and so the behaviors you mimic today may not of be as life enhancing as other behaviors you could display.

However there is nothing stopping you from consciously mimicking the people who posses the behaviors and characteristics you also want to display.

To do this involves a technique called modeling success which comes from Paul McKennas new book called – “I can make you smarter.”

Modeling Success

STEP 1) The first step is to choose the behavior or characteristic you want to make your own and identify someone who exhibits it.

STEP 2)  Study the person who you have identified as having the thing you want. If you can’t get direct access to them read about them or watch videos or listen interviews. If you can interview them yourself then ask them questions that elicit answers that tell you what the thoughts they are thinking when they exhibit the thing you desire.

STEP 3) Now you have a good sense of everything about the role model, find a place to relax, close you eyes and imagine you are in a movie theater. Picture your role model on the screen perform the behavior or characteristic you want perfectly. Keep repeating the mental movie over and over until it is vividly clear

Step 4) Imagine yourself onto the screen and into your role models image. Now repeat the mental movie again but this time from your role models perspective so you are seeing through their eyes, hearing through their ears and feeling what they a feel. Keep repeating this mental movie over and over until you get a real sense of what it feels like to perfectly display the your chosen behavior or characteristic.

STEP 5) Find as many opportunities each day to act as if. I suggest you start acting in your new ways with strangers at first since you wont be judged for these new ways of acting unlike with people you are familiar with, because they will have set expectations of the ways they expect you to behave

This technique is just one way to change you beliefs and behaviors – if you what to learn more then just click here to get my free gift to you !

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