The 6 Human Needs – The Spiritual Needs

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The Spiritual Needs

The 2 Spiritual Needs as outlined in Human needs psychology are the need for growth and contribution. (see the part 1 – the 4 egoic needs)

With the 4 human needs of the ego a person will find a way to fulfill these needs no matter what circumstances, however it is not guaranteed a person will fulfill the two needs of the spirit and will therefore never experience the level of fulfillment and happiness they desire.

6 Human needs 300x292 The 6 Human Needs   The Spiritual NeedsTrue Happiness as defined by Human Needs psychology is found by consciously engaging in behaviors and activities that are aimed at meeting the spiritual needs of growth and contribution.

What is Spirit Anyway?

First of all lets talk about what spirit is. The spirit is, quite simply the energy of life. In our natural state we are this pure pulsating energy – this can be seen in children, nature and wild animals.  Children are freer in their energy levels, ways of expression and creativity because the energy of life (spirit) hasn’t been suppressed yet through the conditioning everyone goes through in growing up. The conditioning process is natural and a required part of growing up because it necessary for a civilized society to function. However it is during this time that the mind contracts away from this life energy (spirit) that sustains everything and invests its identity in the personality. Personality is derived from the greek word persona, which is “to wear a mask.” So the personality is a mask that is worn to by the spirit. So the problem arises when the mind believes its life is dependent on this mask that is wears. However once the conditioning process has ended the desire of the spirit is to manifest once again in a persons life. This is the journey back to the source, the life force, the spirit. It is a journey of healing, clearing the mind of everything that is not love. To do this life will recreate situations and events that mirror a persons beliefs and patterns from childhood so they can be transcended. This leads us to the 5th human need and the first of the spirit – growth.

The Spiritual Needs

Growth – The way life in the phenomenal world is structured is the survival of the the fittest. If a Antelope can’t out run the chasing Lion then it will be eaten, while if the Lion doesn’t catch his prey then he will starve. It is no different in the human realm as a job goes to the most qualified employer or the victory on the tennis court goes to the most skillful player. A lot of the problem occurs in a persons life when they don’t align with the universal law – there is either growth or decline.


Tony Robbins talks about two types of problems that can be linked to the need for growth. The first type of problem is known as quality problems. These are problems that involve a risky decision that often forces life to go in a new and more exciting direction – career change, entering a relationship, leaving a relationship ect. However if a person doesn’t value growth highly enough then the motivation won’t be there to go through the necessary challenges that come along with the journey in the new direction. When a person refuses to meet the challenges of life they develop what are called safe problems. These are lingering issues that lie within a persons control to change such as avoiding decisions, depression, addictions and procrastination. They are called safe because they stop having to deal with the quality problems that require growth.


The reason why growth is often experienced as painful is because it flushes up all the old conditioning from childhood that is buried in the subconscious. This is exactly why growth is so important for a happy life because by flushing up these old, outdated patterns and beliefs they can be cleared from the mind which allows the life energy to flow freer within a persons energy system. Having access to the energy of life puts a person in a different state, a state where problems are challenges which can be solved easily and creatively. This is want happiness is – an internal feeling of energy flowing freely through the energy system. This cannot occur if the mind is filled with constant doubt and anxieties – which are only caused by the reluctance to grow, which is in turn caused by an unwillingness to process all the negative conditioning of the subconscious mind which growth would require.

“The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably live with.”  – Tony Robbins

The Final Spiritual Need.

Contribution – Contribution the 6th and final human need can be defined as doing something for someone else that has a positive impact in their life. Typically this is what service is, doing an activity for the joy of serving.  The reason the why this brings the experience of true happiness (which is once again nothing more that an experience of the life energy) is because it takes the focus off the needs of the personality structure (which are based on the need to avoid pain and gain pleasure) and focuses attention beyond oneself. This allows the energy that is always there to once again begin to flow because it is not being held down and suppressed by the personality/egoic structure. However it is very hard to get to this level if a persons values the other human needs before contribution.

Again paradoxically the easiest way to fulfill all the human needs in a positive way is to focus on the needs of the spirit first. By valuing these needs the highest you will experience love because you will be in a state of love ( life force) which will elicit the experience of love for others. There will be great variety as this is what is required of growth and you will feel significant because you are contributing, having a positive influence on those around you.

This can all be summed up by the unchanging law of the Spirit.

“All that I give is given to myself.”


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